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Who am I? I'm a copywriter. Sometimes I'm not. Sometimes I redesign my website and no one ever gets to see it. Thanks for seeing it.
If you're not interested in clicking around, here's my work.
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Welcome to the FUTURE of the internet! I know this 3-D thing is kinda a big deal, so if you aren't ready, my work is easily viewable here.
Check out some of the new projects bouncing around in my brain: but sign the NDA first.
Or take a trip into the past and see what this site used to look like: here, her e & more comprehensively, here. Or just enjoy my charts.
Here is where I put some random things I made for you to download:
Like a book about my childhood & a movie about a slinky & here is a story about words and a cookie.
Oh and I guess you probably want my resume.
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