RIP Juicero.
Okay, jokes aside, Juicero was a pretty interesting company to work on. It wasn't just an overly fancy juicer. It was a complete juicing system that delivers you the Earth's best plants and vegetables in their freshest state. Their process got plants from picked to your door in under a week, ensuring you get exactly what mother nature intended, in a glass.

We created a complete branding for Juicero including look, feel, website, radio, video, events and in-store activations. 

Agency: Fortnight Collective

Creative Directors: Becca Schepps & Larry Olson



Obviously Juicero didn't last. However I think we did some really stunningly beautiful work for them. Brand photography set out to capturing how the earth's 4.5 billion years of experience making great plants can be absolutely breathtaking. 


Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 5.20.30 PM.png


With stunning photography and a tone that brought to life the amazingness of nature, we distinguished Juicero as a company with a deep respect for nature, and an intense desire to make the amazingness of plant based nutrition available to every one.



Macro shots of fruit took over the streets of LA, juxtaposed with the logical feel of the Juicero Press.