Verizon FiOS
Breakup With Cable

FiOS is better than Cable. Fact. 
But people are scared to make the switch. So we helped them break up with their abusive inferior cable provider the 21st century way:  twitter.

We created an outlet for people to share their cable-angst on twitter and empowered people to declare their hatred with memes.

Agency: R/GA


↑ The Case Study




After they communicated in the 21st century language of meme's, we invited them to cut the cord, break up with cable and Hook Up With Something Better.

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 11.49.15 AM.png



We pre-populated the Break Up With Cable with hundreds of meme's about a disdain for cable. Then our meme-generator helped people declare their own hatred for cable and share it on social media.


PRE-POpulated MEMES ↓


We wrote, shot and voiced a series of short videos that were seeded online featuring nature's original food critics talking about their favorite snacks.


Videos made in conjunction with 11 Dollar Bill.